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aliens, extraterrestrial, religion, UFO's, outerspace

Alien Religion
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The Journey
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Summit, Book of Explanations, self improvement, new age, metaphysics

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Move A Mountain, subconscious, self improvement, guidance, spirituality

To Move A Mountain
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The Series
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I just thought I’d stop by again and check out the new look and feel of the site. I like it more today than yesterday, I’m sure I’ll like it more tomorrow!

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In what has seemed like years, the changes to the website are finally complete. I won’t repeat everything that has been done, and since regular visitors here will see what has been changed, it won’t matter if I don’t restate the obvious. Hopefully, the extra time I get from a lower maintenance site will give more opportunity to work on the next book. It’s amazing how much work goes into keeping and updating a simple site such as this, I don’t know how companies with hundreds or thousands of pages do it. As always, I hope you’re enjoying life and most of all….

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PS: If you notice a problem with anything here, please contact me using the contact form. Thanks again.


The eBookstore (Sony) has moved their operations to Kobobooks and is no longer available. Also, is under construction but I left the link intact. I’ll check it periodically and if it’s not working after a couple of weeks, I’ll delete it. However, you can always get the books at Amazon, Smashwords, and all the other fine retailers on the Get The Books page.

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The latest changes to the website include the removal of all the media pages and the sub-pages for the books. While the idea is still a good one in terms of entertainment, maintaining those pages and the videos proved to be too much work and time consuming. You also notice that membership is no longer required as readers cannot make posts/comments. If you would like to leave a book review or comment, please do so on or As always, thanks for your support and interest.

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Today began the official cleaning-up of the website. To begin with, the Blog page has been removed and all blog entries will now appear on the front (main) page. Also, the forum has been retired and no longer exists. Some of the ideas just didn’t work out and the maintenance required too much time for very little return. Over the next couple of weeks, more changes will occur. Of course I’ll keep you updated as to what those changes are, and, how they may affect some of you, especially members of the site. Looking back, many of the ideas started out as a trial and error experiment, so even though I’m a little sad to see them go, I won’t miss the work it takes to keep up with it. I hope this is a time for all of you in the states to enjoy the good weather that’s just around the corner. I know for some, the winter has been long, cold, and hard. But, as George Harrison put it – “Here Comes the Sun”

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I thinking of a revision to the To Move A Mountain series. After getting some feedback, both good and bad, I’m not sure if I should follow through or not. What do you think?

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It looks like the website will be undergoing changes to accommodate a streamlined look and feel. This will reduce loading problems on mobile devices and make the site more manageable for me. The original intent was to try a few things and see how they worked out, keeping in mind that most of the site is temporary and would be changed in the future. While I’m not sure what will survive the first cut, I have a feeling the Media pages won’t make it. Not sure about the forum yet, but some pages will be combined and/or relocated at the very least. I think the biggest change may come in the membership and commenting areas. Most likely that functionality will be re-positioned back to the originating sources such as Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, etc… All in all, I think the new look will make a more efficient experience for everyone. Let me know what you think!

On the other side of writing, the new book is going slow. Ideas and writing aren’t the problem as much as the time it’s taking for everything that’s not writing but related to it, such as website maintenance. I’d like to apologize for not being on the Facebook page as much, but as all of you know, there are only so many hours in a day. In the meantime, I’m curious about something and would like your opinion. Do you think the Drey Cross series should continue? Personally I like it, but you, the reader has a say in it more so since you’re the one buying the books. I intentionally left the first book off with a good ending in the event the series discontinued. Anyway, let me know what you think.

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Hello to All,

I’m finally close to having blog-to-facebook integration. A few tests should take care of it. When all is said and done, I can post here on the website and it will post on the FB page as well. When it works, technology is cool!